Say buh-bye to those boring, smiling-at-a-laptop images that you’re already tired of shooting…

…and HELLO to scroll-stopping, sophisticated brand photos for dream clients that get you BOTH noticed.

What if you could finally achieve one-of-a-kind brand portraits that thrill your clients and get you BOTH noticed? 👀👀

You love a good brand shoot and are starting to see that it's how small businesses snag and hold attention in a busy online world.

But you can't figure out how to push past the cliché photos you see everyone else taking
... and the nuts-and-bolts of planning and coordinating an in-depth, standout branding shoot!? It's beyond you.

Plus you're already a busy photographer with everything else on your plate—if you have to figure out a new workflow and process for ONE more thing in life, things will start falling through the cracks for your existing clients.

Because you don’t have time to start from scratch. It’s not like you’re new to photography. You KNOW your work can somehow help the small businesses in your community struggling to stand out among their competition

… you just need to know how to start thinking like a brand strategist.

You *know* better results are possible—you know you’re
capable of taking things to the next level.

...but you’re completely lost on HOW to do it.

So you end up shooting the same, tired photos of business owners smiling at their laptops. Again.

And what’s worse… you feel like you can’t count on the wedding/holiday/etc. industry anymore.

You landed on brand photography as a potential consistent source of income.

 >> If you could just get a proven creative approach that pushes beyond the cliché imagery. <<

… I mean, what you really want to do is be able to walk away from a shoot with absolute confidence that you captured creative photos 100% WORTH what your client paid.

You’re tired of second-guessing your results:

Am I actually qualified to do this?

Is my client disappointed but not telling me? 😳

Is my photography worth what I charge?

Am I EVER going to feel confident in my own work?

You’ve been hacking your way through brand shoots like a soccer dad takes on Ikea— with freebie downloads and 15-second tips from TikTok ... but it isn’t working QUITE according to plan. 

… because you’re finally capturing the type of sophisticated, layered imagery that stands out from the masses, getting your clients noticed by their dream audience, and making YOU their hero.

You could be satisfied, THRILLED with your own work—confident that you're delivering *unquestionably valuable* photographs.

You’d be able to wake up to texts like this:

A consistent, creative plan is within reach.

And now? For the first time EVER, I’m giving away my secrets.

I became obsessed with studying marketing tactics, running endless photo audits to see how I could better create images that catch the eye of their ideal audience.

No plan, no strategy- just a goal of shooting photos that would perform well on Instagram. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Rather than helping my client stand out, the photos I took blended into the background.

I shot the cliché, smiling-at-a-laptop photos- you know, the ones that are meant to help a business owner connect with their audience... but that are so over-styled that it completely misses the mark.

I posed my client in a way that felt cute, but unreal. **Laughing over your shoulder while tucking hair behind your ear?** CHECK.

It only took me a few more sessions to realize that the overly-perfect, Insta-cute method left a LOT to be desired.

Shoot imagery that blended into a social media feed wasn't cutting it- I wanted to capture photographs that would help my clients get NOTICED.

I wanted to capture strategic, marketing-minded photographs that helped my clients connect with their audience so that they could sell more and serve the people they’re dying to help.

That meant switching up my strategy in a BIG way. 

I walked into my first branding shoot five years ago with NO idea what I was doing. ZERO.

The only comprehensive brand photography course to use left-brained strategy to drive right-brained creativity, so that you can capture scroll-stopping brand photographs that get both you AND your clients noticed.

In my proven 7-step framework, we’ll get down to business: my education style is fluff-free and hard-hitting. If you’re ready to take action and dig in deep, I'll show you how to customize my system for YOUR business & achieve better branding results at your very 👏🏼next 👏🏼shoot 👏🏼.

The Brand Photography Academy


Here’s what you’ll find inside
Brand Photography Academy…

Including the #1️⃣ job your photos need to accomplish for your clients, so you can create fresh, attention-grabbing content without resorting to yet another Pinterest board of inspo

How to discover the 7 core inputs of any brand so you can ditch the “one-size-fits-all” approach to brand photography

The one key question to ask to unlock a treasure trove of brand data

Plus, my 5-step storyline breakdown to generate creative shot ideas

Standout branding photographs start with strategy- I’m not a special snowflake, I’ve just studied this stuff inside and out! 

Class is in session! Scroll-stopping brand photographs involve a thorough understanding of both photography technique AND brand strategy- we’ll kick off the course with the crucial mindset shift that is absolutely ESSENTIAL to capturing killer brand imagery. 

Module 1 //
Brand Identity Basics 

Module 1 // Brand Identity Basics 

Not knowing how to get started can keep you from ever entering the race- we’re tackling that head-on so you can hit the ground running with your next new client. 

Including my exact inquiry, consult, and booking roadmap, so you can stop stressing over discovery call stage fright

2️⃣0️⃣ questions to ask every client at the start to glean the essential data, so you can spend less time ping-ponging emails back and forth 👩🏻‍💻

My own personal month-by-month workflow, because it’s time to short-cut getting your process running 

Plus, a 3-step guide on how to lead clients asking for “just head shots” to booking full branding sessions

The way your clients find you teaches them a LOT about how they think of you, so let's start the client experience off on right! 

Module 2 //
Booking & Onboarding

Module 2 // Booking & Onboarding

Great branding photographs aren't the result of a stroke of luck or pixie dust- it comes down to having a repeatable process that yields creative, standout results every time

3 steps to discover a client’s storylines, so you capture targeted photographs that move the dial in their marketing efforts

Including a Shot List Brainstormer, so you can capture every client creatively without copying what’s already out there

My very own Pre-Shoot Questionnaire, so you can jump-start the research process and dig into exactly what makes your clients’ brands different

The 26 data points of every client that make planning their shot list super simple

Plus, the #1 tactic for shot list ideation that I’ve used to catapult to the top of the brand photography industry 🙌🏼

In the words of one of my students, ✨“this is the magic. Right here.” ⚡️If you want to shoot branding photographs that don’t look like anything else out there, you have to *DO* something different than everyone else. This module is all about how to craft a set of storylines to guide any session, and a compelling shot list that breaks the mold for EVERY client.

Module 3 //
Storylines and Shot Lists

Module 3 // Storylines and Shot Lists

Planning a branding shoot can be FUN! So let’s take the guesswork, the endless Google searches, and the dozens of back-and-forth emails off the table- there IS a better way to plan!

My 4 best spots for booking shoot space, so you can stop stressing over Googling on-brand locations

3 ways to maximize each outfit during a shoot, so your clients have a ton of variety without feeling like they’re repeating content 

A roadmap for the planning call, so you can plan each client’s session with minimal back-and-forth emailing (and all the people said AMEN)

6 different places to look for prop ideas that help make brainstorming a shot list even easier

Your clients NEED your expertise- they’re looking to you to help them plan a session that meets their business’ needs and captures their brand vibe. This module spills the beans on how to lead your clients towards a killer location, outfits, and props that will all help make for a session that leaves you both saying “nailed it!”

Module 4 //
Pre-shoot Planning

Module 4 // Pre-shoot Planning

You ARE capable of photographing layered brand imagery that illustrates the depth of the brands you're shooting for. You don't have to be a branding unicorn to capture standout branding photographs. 

A FULL BTS video of a shoot with a real client—be a fly on the wall as I take you through from front door to final shot

An insider look at what goes into my Production Binder, so you never miss a detail at a session

The 5 Layers of Depth you need for any shoot to stand out from a sea of monotony

3 ways to make your clients more comfortable on set so they’re OBSESSED with the final gallery!

6 techniques for maximizing each scene- your clients will love you for how flexible their images are!

The 10 mistakes to watch out for, so you can start producing stronger results right away

Here we go! 📷 You’ve got your shot list in hand, your client’s outfits are ready, and there’s a truckload of props and tools just WAITING for you to play with! Now it’s go-time: Module 5 is all about how to maximize your time on set by capturing layered, dynamic brand photos.

Module 5 //
The Shoot Day!

Module 5 // The Shoot Day!

Building a new system from the ground up takes a lot of time- so let’s cut you to the front of the line by handing over my already-proven process.

The exact system I use to quickly process RAW files so I can spend more time shooting and less time staring at a computer screen

How I get my clients hyped for the final gallery so they can’t WAIT to share with their audiences

The post-shoot questionnaire we use to gather testimonials and intel for future sessions

Module 6 // Post-shoot workflow

Module 6 // Post-shoot workflow

From importing andculling to final gallery delivery, I’ll walk you through my process for ending the client experience with a flourish.

Because marketing matters, but it doesn’t have to FEEL like selling for it to be effective.

Including three pitch formulas that DON’T make you feel icky

The #1 method to AVOID when it comes to chasing those dream clients

A two-step process to answer the question “should I shoot for free?” so you can stop wasting time and start building your portfolio

Three easy steps to social selling, so you can stop feeling weird about promoting your own work. 

Pitching your services to the clients you’re dying to work with is one of my favorite parts of this job! We’ll dive into my process for reaching out to dream brands, as well as the simple, conversational mindset you can use to organically market your work.

Module 7 //
Pitching & Social Selling

Module 7 // Pitching & Social Selling

Let's Do This Thing!

Starting with your very next shoot, you’ll be waving buh-bye to the generic, lather-rinse-repeat method you used to use, and HEEEY! to mature, in-depth imagery. You’ll start every new client off with a cohesive, proven system that delivers the sort of images you and your clients have been dreaming of!

You’ve got a plan, and you know how to use it.

Download the templates and worksheets, and either binge the content like a new season of The Crown, or walk through it week-by-week, implementing as you go. Whatever your pleasure, I’ll be there cheering you on in our exclusive community for our BPA students.

Step 3

Step 2

Tap the “Let’s Do This Thing!” button, pick your payment method, and enter your deets. You’ll get instant access to the course!

Step 1

Here's the process:

How does it work?

Bonus #1- The Production Binder Template ($97)
This binder is HOME BASE during every brand shoot, housing everything from logistics to inspiration boards to the shot list! Snag my polished, page-by-page template, plug in your client + session details, and show up to every shoot looking like an absolute pro.

Bonus #2- 32 Prompts for Social Selling ($79)
Unsure how to sell your work on social media in a way that DOESN’T feel salesy? I’ve got you covered with these 32, easy-to-follow prompts that help you demonstrate expertise and consistently earn the trust of your followers- buh-bye, awkward Instagram captions. 

Bonus #3- Email Templates for Brand Photographers ($97)
Struggling with writing (and rewriting) client emails (like, hey- how do you NON-awkwardly ask someone to sign the dang contract, already)? Hi, I’m Abby, and I’ve been called the Queen of Email. I’m serving up my best tried-and-true email templates that every brand photographer needs, so that you can stop stressing over your inbox and get back to serving with warmth and professionalism!

Can't stop won't stop—how about I throw in some Oprah-style extras?

“Now that I've walked through BPA, I have confidence in myself as a brand photographer because I can walk my clients through a process that achieves the photos they need that have depth and aren't exact repeats of those I've taken for others.

I’ve got literal evidence of this- because the day we went over the shoot day module, I was actually in the middle of a brand photoshoot for a friend. We took a break for lunch and I tuned into the lesson and then afterward went back to shooting. *The photos I took after the module were a stark contrast to the ones before.* It wasn't that the photos before were bad, per se, however, the ones taken afterward were more thought out and had more depth in story because the 5 Layers of Depth were running through my mind, as well as the concept of maximizing each scene!”

- Rachael Curtis, Brand Photography Academy grad

After all, Frankenstein was cobbled together and he *technically* walked around (well, for a bit), right? 🧟‍♂️

But without the strategic approach needed to shift from documenting relationships to creating CONCEPT-based imagery, you’ll likely find that your images fall flat and fail to stand out from the masses.

What’s more—covertly sneaking peeks at your phone during shoots and trying to >> reverse-engineer someone else’s brand photos <<  isn’t gonna work out so well. Applying someone ELSE’S brand strategy ultimately won’t help YOUR client when their business has completely different goals, values, and strengths.

I think you’ll soon find that a jumbled, patched-together 🧵approach will only take you so far before things start coming apart at the seams.

Eventually? You’ll need a cohesive, proven method that builds on itself to create layered brand portraits that speak directly to your client’s audience, instead of assembling a precariously leaning tower of other people’s strategies.

And that approach, my friend, is what enables you to start moving from a patchy portfolio to profitable performances.

Sure, you COULD simply approach branding with the same mentality you use for weddings & portrait clients … and duct-tape it on the brand photography learnings you’re soaking up from bite-size educational content.

$1500 course with 7 modules
+ $750 BTS video
+ $129 Pre-shoot questionnaire
+ $49 Post-shoot questionnaire
+ $197 Home Base Doc + Research Tracker
+ $97 Shot List Brainstorm Worksheet
+ $97 Production Binder Template
+ $97 Email Templates for Photographers
+ $79 32 Prompts for Social Selling

Your investment for Brand Photography Academy? 

Available for a limited time, launch price of $297, or two payments of $175

$2,995 Value

Let's Do This Thing!

Doors CLOSE on Wednesday, 3/24 and this launch price will never happen again- you can take that to the bank.

If within 15 days you’ve made your way through the course and don’t think it was worth the investment, we’ll buy back the course- just hop on a call with me to help me understand what I could have done to better serve you! 

Click here to read the full terms and conditions.

Try my 15-Day Love It or Leave It Policy

And I’m absolutely fascinated with helping small business owners fix the disconnect between value and visuals, so they can reach the dream clients they’re dying to serve.

My clients have gone on to use their images in six-figure launches, seven-figure business models, and have popped up in places like Forbes, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube!

I’ve had the joy of teaching more than 1,000 students, and now, for the first time ever, I’m pulling back the curtain on how to build a recognizable, well-loved brand photography business that gets you AND your clients noticed.

→ I believe with every fiber of my being that you are CAPABLE of creating targeted, strategic imagery to help your clients stand out and sell more!

I’m Abby Grace- brand photographer, educator, & speaker, at your service.

But I should introduce myself, right?

You leave your sessions feeling flat and unfulfilled- you know there's more that could have been done to make the session a success, but you're not clear on WHAT that is.
You're frustrated by clients who don't seem to know their own brands- how are you supposed to capture one-of-a-kind photographs if your client isn't even clear on their own brand identity?

You have no idea how to price your services, which means you often end up underpaid and overworked, and run the risk of resenting your clients because you're not sure how to best run your own business. 

Your shoots consistently run behind because of a lack of organization, and your clients seem to be unclear as so what's ACTUALLY included in a brand session- is it  head shots? Lifestyle photos? Product photography? Who knows! 

Listen, I believe that FLUFF is only good in marshmallow form. Here’s how to know if this course is a good fit for where you’re at:

I’m one of those people who’ll tell it to you straight if I don’t think you need what I’m selling. 

If you’re a branding photographer who already has a solid roster of clients under your belt, whose system runs like a well-oiled machine, and who’s already confident in your track record of capturing images that make your creative heart sing and help your clients stand out + sell more... my friend? You probably don’t need this course!

I’ve been shooting branding photography for a while now… is this going to be too “elementary” for me?
I led a small group of beta students through the material before releasing it as a course, and I purposefully chose students with a wide variety of experience- from “I haven’t shot my first branding client yet” to “I’ve been doing this for a few years now, but something’s still missing.” If you’re looking for a better method that produces more creative, strategy-based results for your clients than your current approach, this is for you. The content inside the course goes beyond just the basics, teaching you how to plan for mature images that take your brand sessions to the next level. 

Wait, but what if I’ve NEVER shot a branding session? Is this going to be too advanced??
Nope! I’ll walk you through my ENTIRE process, from what to include on your contact page to how to pitch your dream clients- consider this an in-depth crash course that’ll give you a solid, lock-step process so you can hit the ground running with your very first client. Yo go, Glen Coco.

I’m nervous about the investment- is there a payment plan?
You know it! You can save a bit by paying in full today, or split it into two payments of $175, paid over two months.

Will you teach me how to use my camera?
Brand Photography Academy focuses on the strategy and business of branding photography- while you will get insight into what’s in my gear back and a peek at my settings during the BTS video, *this is not a technical course!* You’ll need a thorough working knowledge of your gear in order to get the full value of this course.

Ok, so what if I have questions as I walk through the course?
I got you covered! I’ll be answering questions from our students in a members-only group INSIDE the course (read: not a FB group, so you don’t have to worry about logging on to ask a question and getting distracted by those photos of your cousin’s baby). I don’t offer any sort of mentoring, so this group is the BEST way to get those answered by yours truly.

I’ve been shooting weddings and portraits for a while now, why is branding any different?
Brand photography requires that you shift from thinking like a relationship documentarian to planning like a strategist. Forcing brand portraits through the same approach as weddings will almost guarantee that you miss the mark, and fail to capture photographs that help your clients stand out and attract their dream audience members.

Is this for personal brands, commercial brands, or both? I work exclusively with small businesses, some who are categorized as “personal brands,” others who aim to keep the business at the center instead. BPA does not teach on product photography or working with large name-brands, but instead focuses on the ins and outs of working with small businesses, including solopreneurs and small teams.

Can I sign up anytime?
Nope. Registration is only open to new students until March 24th- after that, it’s going back in the vault until this Fall, at the earliest. And I can guar-an-tee you this launch price will NOT be around for the next registration period. If you know you want in, I wouldn’t sleep on this one!

A few FAQs for you, because you and I?
We’re both the type to ask questions!

It comes down to this- are you ready to dream up & shoot creative branding photos that get your clients noticed?

You COULD keep trying to hack it together on your own, but honestly- you don’t know how much longer you can take delivering yet ANOTHER gallery that falls short of what you know you’re capable of.

If you just had a process, a proven plan, you’d be unstoppable. 💪🏼

I’d love to help you jump the line from producing ho-hum, forgettable photos to dreaming up strategic, creative images that THRILL your dream clients.

Join me inside Brand Photography Academy so that I can help you:

Approach every client and session with a plan, never guessing what comes next because you have a method that grows with you

Dream up creative ways to visually illustrate your clients’ brands, helping them get noticed by their audience (and making you their hero) 🦸🏽‍♂️

Never run out of inspiration again, so that you can keep pouring into and serving your clients with a full tank

Book every client with confidence that you’ll deliver something new and tailored to their brand, never again questioning whether you’re worth what you charge. 

Let’s take a shortcut to the inspiration-filled approach you’d been searching for.

Start shooting more creative, strategic work TODAY.

$1500 course with 7 modules
+ $750 BTS video
+ $129 Pre-shoot questionnaire
+ $49 Post-shoot questionnaire
+ $197 Home Base Doc + Research Tracker
+ $97 Shot List Brainstorm Worksheet
+ $97 Production Binder Template
+ $97 Email Templates for Photographers
+ $79 32 Prompts for Social Selling

Brand Photography Academy

Available for a limited time, launch price of $297, or two payments of $175

$2,995 Value

Let's Do This Thing, Abby!

Doors CLOSE on Wednesday, 3/24 and this launch price will never happen again- you can take that to the bank.

The only comprehensive brand photography course to use left-brained strategy to drive right-brained creativity, so that you can capture scroll-stopping brand photographs that get both you AND your clients noticed.