"I wish I could just come to a wedding day WITH you!"

At some point, you watch others posting scroll-stopping portfolio work & think

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Give me a few hours, and I’ll have you on your way to capturing a portfolio you’re incredibly proud to call your own-- with a new level of confidence in the rates you’re charging, to boot. 

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All that? It’s costing you gorgeous, scroll-stopping images.

Getting creative on the job? Forget it—you’re still trying to figure out how to make it through a wedding day having captured everything your clients are expecting.

Plus, the thought of trying to keep those dilly-dallying groomsmen in line on Saturday has you feeling slightly already behind schedule … aaaaaand it’s just Monday).

You THOUGHT you were great with people, but um, hello, where do those charming interpersonal skills go when you need ‘em while photographing family formals!?

With a wedding this weekend, you’re downloading yet another day-of workflow from some photographer’s blog & wanting to snap the pencil holding up your day-3 messy bun:

What if this doesn’t help? What if you STILL miss that major, emotional moment shot where everyone’s pretty-crying (and you’re standing there holding the wrong lens)?

“I’m constantly second-guessing myself—do I have the right lens, is the lighting right? Do I move the bridal party (again??)??

“I’m excited to start a photography business, but I feel like miss key opportunities for winning shots by wasting precious time looking for light. I’m not 150% confident in my gear choosing prowess QUITE yet.”

“I never can seem to stick to my wedding day schedule, and it ruins my clients’ confidence in me..”

Does this sound like you?

You’d shoot your best wedding in just one week and finally start being able to build creative time into your workflow … you know, that whole reason you started your photography business in the first place.

Imagine no more wondering what to do next during a pause in bridal party pics … no more friendly mobs from relatives asking for a photo while you’re trying to get clear across the room (DON’T CUT THE CAKE YET!) …

What if it were actually possible to drill down your lighting, get your organized wedding day game plan, win over the family on the big day, and shoot your best wedding by next weekend?

In the decade I’ve been shooting weddings, I’ve gone from frantic (scene: third wedding on my own, racing back home to grab my one-and-only portrait lens—whoops) to top-rated, high-end wedding photographer and international educator.

I want to hold your hand and show you what to do in most any lighting situation, spill the beans on how I confidently steer fam & bridal party shots, AND make sure from now on, you leave for a session knowing every piece of equipment has most definitely made it into the car.

Are you ready to start shooting better weddings by next weekend?!

Lace up your tulle skirt and/or Chuck Taylors (just me?), friend—LET’S DO THIS!

I’m Abby Grace, and I want to give you the exact step-by-step process for documenting a new family’s first heirloom.

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This could be you …

“I now have a true genuine connection with my clients” 

“I'm shooting more confidently and feel well equipped for wedding days!”

“I have so much more freedom & perspective that I'm not a slave to my business”


… all in less time than it takes to knock out a season of Parks & Rec.

Yes, there’s a way to get wedding day confidence & short-cut learning by trial-and-(lots of) error.

- Elizabeth Gelineau 
Owner of Elizabeth Gelineau Photography

“If you feel out of control at any point of the wedding day, you need this course!”

Do a better job on the wedding day because you can anticipate your needs and the needs of your clients—get ready to feel so much more confident as you work … because you’re no longer simply REACTING as things come up.

Learn specific verbiage to get buy-in from the bridal parties and family members as you work, which makes for better photographs because the people in your photos LIKE being in front of your camera.

Capture a portfolio you’re proud of, NO MATTER the lighting. Off-camera flash? You got it. Natural light for details? Piece of cake.

Become a better version of yourself as a photographer, not a carbon copy of me—or any other industry educator. I’ll teach you how to build a portfolio that stands out with a signature style.

A Practical Wedding Workshop is a lifetime access online program & community designed to get your wedding day workflow upleveled and high-end—FAST.

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to …

The A-to-Z wedding day insider’s look for photographers, so you can find confidence AND creativity shooting your next wedding.

A Practical Wedding Workshop Live


-Emily Minor 
Owner, Emily Minor Photography

"I bought this course right before shooting my first wedding! I was an absolute wreck before but once I finished the course, goodbye butterflies and hello bring confident to take on the day! Once I posted the sneak peeks on my Facebook page, I had a dozen or so people message me saying they were blown away that it was only my first wedding!! Loved this course and how real and honest Abby was!"

What our students are saying...

A Practical Wedding Workshop Live Curriculum consists of 11 modules. Each component takes you through a portion of the wedding day, to help you build out a workflow that helps you connect to your clients—and build a killer portfolio as you work.

No monthly membership fee here—once you’re in, you’re in … every future training and addition is yours to keep.

What’s Inside?

What a vision-statement-based business model is, and why it WORKS.

How to begin your own in 5 steps, so you can go beyond just “pretty” and stand out among the competition with a direction and purpose unique to YOU.

What you'll learn:

Module 1: Vision - Starting with a Strong Foundation

My step-by-step system to prepare for a wedding day -- this is the thing I count on to set me up for success -- so you can use it in your own business!

My bag packing method, so you can organize the contents of your bag to ensure smooth sailing for the big day.

My personal gear checklist, so that no piece of equipment ever gets left behind.

What you'll learn:

Module 2: Wedding Prep

A complete overview of my process for photographing bridal details, to give you confidence in starting the day off right.

My foolproof method for beginning the day well by nailing the interpersonal side of working with the family and bridal party

What you'll learn:

Module 3: Bridal Details & Getting Ready

My bridal portrait process, so you know how to serve your client WITHOUT having to move her (and lug that dress!) all around the venue trying to catch the perfect light.

My How-to technique for that classic bridal portrait, to make sure you get that picture you KNOW your bride (and her mother!) is waiting for

The morning-of gameplan to guarantee you stand out to the family with a professional, organized flow

What you'll learn:

Module 4: Donning the Gown & the Bridal Portrait

My anti-anxiety inducing First Look Formula, so you can take all the guesswork out of orchestrating “that” moment they’ll remember -- and have documented -- for decades to come.

My Nitty-Gritty Guidelines for portraiture of the happy couple -- complete with plenty of specific, easy-to-follow posing tips -- so you can create those romantic images that fill the frames in their new home.

What you'll learn:

Module 5: The First Look & Bride + Groom Portraits

Go behind the scenes and see me in action on a recent bride & groom portrait session! If you’ve ever wanted to shadow me and then see the resulting images, this is your chance … just tell me you’re okay with hearing a bad joke or two along the way, right?

Module 5b: Live Bride & Groom Posing Class

The exact process for flowing through bridal party portraits, where I’ll take you deep inside the wedding day timeline and show you exactly how I gained my confidence in directing a large group of people efficiently, so you can keep stickin’ to that timeline.

My go-to poses for groomsmen, so they actually enjoy cheesin’ and don’t think you’re bossy or rude (‘cause hey, it’s gonna be a long night, boys).

Winning bridesmaid poses that they’ll treasure, so you don’t have to revert to the hug train every time you can’t think of something creative.

What you'll learn:

Module 6: The Bridal Party

Where I stand -- all my go-to spots for venues you’ll likely face in your career -- so you don’t ever have to feel like you’re in the way or rude ever again.

My lens tutorial, so you don’t miss a major shot and emotional moment with the wrong lens in place.

My process for capturing the proceedings without being a nuisance -- and how to match that awful church lighting you get so often with the rest of your style, to get the most important part of the day documented like a boss.

What you'll learn:

Module 7: The Wedding Ceremony

The things I always do when we start Family Formals to make sure you set the tone for a smooth, timely manner (‘cause those guests in the next room are getting hungry!).

3 keys to winning over the family -- do these, and I promise you they’ll love ya for the rest of the night … which will make for even better photos!

Cocktail Hour Lighting 101, so you can diagnose good and bad light as the sun starts to shift … no more 15-20 minutes trying out different lighting combos.

What you'll learn:

Module 8: Family Formals & Cocktail Hour

My exact off-camera flash set-up for lighting up floral arrangements, so you can make sure the family enjoys those beautiful flowers they paid so much for!

My Grand Entrance Guide, including where to stand, how to know it’s about to happen, and everything in between, so you instantly know what to do when it’s time for them to walk out.

First dance capturing tips, so you don’t feel like a distraction popping in and out of everybody’s business or running around the dance floor trying to get a good shot of moving action.

What you'll learn:

Module 9: Reception Details, Intros, & the First Dance

My go-to formula for capturing toasts, as guests pop up like popcorn all over the room, so you don’t feel like you’re scurrying around the room looking like a loon.

How to get those epic dancing shots; my process for documenting the dance floor, so you can quit stressing about motion blur, and have FUN taking photos!

Exactly how to rock out the bride & groom’s final exit through a sparkler archway (including what you need to dial in your settings) -- plus my tips on getting through that whole "pyrotechnic tunnel" thing without getting singed.

A tutorial of how to light almost any conceivable reception space with diagrams and explanations, to help make sure you're never blindsided by poor lighting conditions again

What you'll learn:

Module 10: Toasts, Open Dancing, & the Sparkler Exit

My precise workflow: I’ll show you desktop shots of how I upload, cull, and organize my files so you can ensure a consistent post-processing experience

What you'll learn:

Module 11: The Day After

Instant access to the 14 videos and 11 modules.

Lifetime viewing privileges, so you can rewatch as many times over as you need (something our in-person workshop attendees were never able to do!

Plus, any extra modules or material, you’ll receive that as it comes!).

Corresponding with each module that will walk you through crafting your own wedding day formula.

Our private Facebook group, so you’ve got support from APWWL alums -- and me -- for feedback, questions, and more (this is one of our past attendees’ FAVORITE parts!)

You’ll ALSO get:

I know off-camera flash can seem intimidating, so we're breaking it down for you, step by step! From what equipment you'll need to setting it all up, from testing your flashes to troubleshooting, we got you covered. OCF is so much easier than you might think!

$97 Value—included inside A Practical Wedding Workshop Live!

Bonus #1: The Basics of Off-Camera Flash

Nailing the bridal details portion of the day is crucial for me because it serves as my warm up! When I can start the day off strong by capturing shots of the shoes, dress, jewelry and such that I’m really proud of, it gives me a boost of confidence to go forth and conquer EVERY part of the wedding day well.

$97 Value—included inside A Practical Wedding Workshop Live!

Bonus #2: Using Natural Light to Photograph Wedding Details

Well, you could learn it on your own (like I did!), but that may mean 2-3+ years of second shooting, floundering, and MORE missed moments than you care to explain to an upset parent-of-the-bride

Or, you could knock it out in 4 weeks (or at your own pace)—with me as your mentor.

Get started today with lifetime access for one payment of $297 or three payments of $89- whichever works best for you!

So, what does this cost me?

Registration closed!

LIFETIME access to all 11 modules in A Practical Wedding Workshop Live

ACCESS to the exclusive APWWL Facebook group

BONUS: "The Basics of Off-Camera Flash" module ($97 value)

BONUS: "Using Natural Light to Photograph Wedding Details" module ($97 value)

One payment of $297 or four payments of $89

Get on your way to a better wedding day now:

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A Practical Wedding Workshop Live comes with my 15-day policy. I’m so confident that you'll love APWWL that I’m down to stick my neck out for you—just show us you put the time in, let us know how we can improve, and we'll refund you your money.

To be clear, if you don’t have your materials in by the 15th day, we can’t see how you’ve applied the program. Click here for more info! > 

Try my 15-Day Love It or Leave It Policy

And on my best girl-scout impression honor—

I’m an international wedding photographer and speaker, bewitched by documenting authentic love for the classic, old-school chic couple in love. Based just outside Washington D.C. with my college sweetheart Matt, we’re a husband & wife team committed to enriching marriage AND others’ businesses through the small business we’ve been blessed with. I’m the artist, he’s the strategist. I’m the dreamer, he’s the implementer.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for nearly a decade, and have had the joy of shooting across the globe, from California to Italy. And yet no matter how many new places I visit, I just can't stop dreaming up new lesson ideas—I adore opening up my blueprint for surviving a wedding day with poise and grace while serving my clients well in the process.

I’ve had the joy of teaching more than 1,000+ students, and now?

It’s time to bring it straight into your home office or living room, so you can build your own wedding photography business that lets you find purpose AND creativity … and a paycheck … so you can build a business that matters.

and red lipstick makes me feel invincible. 

Hi, I'm


Oh, and I should introduce myself!

A lack of a wedding day game plan means you're constantly playing catch-up, and you're never ready BEFORE the moment

"The Sightless Seer"

When it comes to the details, you're so preoccupied with figuring out your lighting that you barely have time to get creative

"The Nervous Nelly"

You get to the wedding and ask "What do I do with my hands?" You're never sure how to pose your couples, and group portraits feel like chaos

"The Ricky Bobby"

Who is this course for?

Fast forward two or three weeks (or to this weekend) and say "see ya" to that rushed, stressed feeling you get shooting weddings: you’ll have a confident spring in your step, a new workflow, prepped gear, and a business model that lets you live out your purpose.


Then, hop over to our private community to meet me, mastermind alongside other photographers, and get an extra layer of accountability. Want more? I’ll be popping in your inbox each week of the course to check-in and make sure you’re trucking along.


Once you sign-up, you’re in! Whip out those notebooks and pens (and get your printer revved up for some PDFs) -- and channel your best Hermione: it’s time to start learning!


How does A Practical Wedding Workshop Live work?

When is the course available?

How long do I have access to the course?

So how does it work?

I already feel pretty solid about my wedding day game plan- should I buy this?

I do! But here’s the thing: I only work with a select number of clients per year, and so we worked mentorship into A Practical Wedding Workshop Live because we knew that it was something you were looking for. You wanted feedback on your specific situation, and ideas to boot -- so we want to connect you to an even bigger mastermind of wedding photographers. Between my interaction in the group, a month of weekly course-related emails from me, and all APWWL alum and current students in the groups, we want to serve you in an even greater mentorship capacity!

We get that request pretty regularly, though, and my heart? It’s still in education and in mentoring which is why we’ve taken to online education.

Do you offer one-on-one mentoring?

Abby Grace, I can’t spend that right now!

When is the course available?

How long do I have access to the course?

So how does it work?

To be honest with you? It may not be! We created APWWL for the photographer who feels like they’re still struggling to find a formula for their wedding days (even after a couple of years!), because I believe that when you’re only ever BARELY managing to tread water, that there’s not a lot of room for creativity to thrive! If you feel like your wedding day workflow is streamlined to a science -- leaving you PLENTY of room to get in the creative zone and confidently lead the family through the schedule -- then A Practical Wedding Workshop Live just may not a be a fit for ya!

I already feel pretty solid about my wedding day game plan- should I buy this?

Do you offer one-on-one mentoring?

Abby Grace, I can’t spend that right now!

When is the course available?

How long do I have access to the course?

For every module, we've honed in on a particular portion of the wedding day. You'll enjoy full insight into the gear I'm using, the light I look for, and my full process for each section of a wedding, as well as any sort of hang-ups or challenges to anticipate. Interwoven throughout each module, you'll find footage of me behind the scenes on a real wedding day, as well as photographic proof to back up the techniques we'll discuss.

For Module 5b, you'll actually go behind-the-scenes with me as I photograph bride & groom portraits, hearing and seeing everything that goes on between myself and the couple; from posing instruction to bad jokes, you'll see and hear it all.

So how does it work?

I already feel pretty solid about my wedding day game plan- should I buy this?

Do you offer one-on-one mentoring?

Abby Grace, I can’t spend that right now!

When is the course available?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. All students who purchase the lifetime course will ALSO have access to any future additions like potential new modules, course updates and the like.

How long do I have access to the course?

So how does it work?

I already feel pretty solid about my wedding day game plan- should I buy this?

Do you offer one-on-one mentoring?

Abby Grace, I can’t spend that right now!

Access begins as soon as your payment has processed- no waiting around since we know you want to shoot your best wedding NOW!

Once you register for the course, the party never ends! APWWL is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

When is the course available?

How long do I have access to the course?

So how does it work?

I already feel pretty solid about my wedding day game plan- should I buy this?

Do you offer one-on-one mentoring?

Abby Grace, I can’t spend that right now!

What other photographers have asked before taking APWWL:

- Anna Bayliss
Owner, Anna Bayliss Photography

"Having self confidence in myself as a wedding photographer was the best gift/result from APWWL. When I first went through the course, I was one year into photographing weddings and I kinda felt like a fake. I wasn't seasoned, but after creating a game plan for wedding days and creating an amazing wedding experience for my couples, people were shocked that my business was still in its infancy and that I wasn't a seasoned wedding photographer like they thought!"

What our students are saying...

You adore serving your sweet clients, but feel like at the price they’re paying you, you’d be a MUCH better steward of their investment if you managed the day with professional efficiency -- that included LOADS of time to be creative and think on the fly.

You’re in your first two years of business, and you keep hearing about investing back into your education … but you can’t quite swing a full week-long photography conference or a workshop away from your family … you’d love to knock it out at your own pace!

You’ve definitely wasted time figuring out how to shoot in weird light, but you know you have an eye. You’re up to the challenge of nailing light in any scenario, you just need a mentor and some accountability to see you through.

You don’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to knowing what to do in e.v.e.r.y. part of that wedding day -- and could use a checklist or two to remember (‘cause fun fact: that was me, too … I made this, because I really needed it when I started out!).

You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure out your wedding photography business once and for all, putting in some time and getting your biz a little bit closer to becoming an asset that fulfills your purpose -- AND pays you -- all at the same time.

How to know you’re a PERFECT fit for
A Practical Wedding Workshop Live:

-Ryland & JP Rainsford
Owners, Rainsford Photography

"We were on a high from photographing our first wedding, but knew absolutely NOTHING about the wedding day itself. We were scared & overwhelmed with all the different challenges a wedding day could bring. After watching your course, we were confident & felt like we could walk into any scenario! It was a huge shift in our business!"

What our students are saying...

Registration Closed!

LIFETIME access to all 11 modules in A Practical Wedding Workshop Live

ACCESS to the exclusive APWWL Facebook group

BONUS: "The Basics of Off-Camera Flash" module ($97 value)

BONUS: "Using Natural Light to Photograph Wedding Details" module ($97 value)

One payment of $297 or four payments of $89

Your business is ready to flourish.
Let’s get it there by your
NEXT wedding.

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